The Mysterious Gorilla Mind

The Mysterious Gorilla Mind: Is It a Jungle in There? 🦍🧠 Hello, all you curious primates! Today, we’re diving deep into the thick jungles of the internet to unearth the truth behind the “Gorilla Mind.” And if you’re thinking, “Oh! Is this the new cousin of King Kong who’s better at chess?”… well, you’re not […]

Bad Bunny Hops onto SNL

Bad Bunny Hops onto SNL: A Night to Remember! When the world learned that the legendary reggaeton artist, Bad Bunny, was hosting Saturday Night Live, fans were already gearing up for some side-splitting comedy. After all, if there’s one thing Bad Bunny can do just as well as dropping chart-topping hits, it’s dropping jaw-dropping laughs. […]

The Lingering Effects of COVID-19 Light Sensitivity: shedding light

The Lingering Effects of COVID-19 Light Sensitivity: Shedding Light on Light Sensitivity  Introduction on this.  This article, The Lingering Effects of Covid-19 light sensitivity was written using AI with additions and editing by us, the humans at Friendslr. However, shortly after publishing it the entire website was corrupted. Hmmmm. Seems to me someone didn’t want […]

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