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This time in my blog I want to talk about SimCity Buildit club Wars. In my previous article I talked in pretty general terms about Simcity. Aspects of it, anyway, and my history with it, 30 years ago, versus now. You can read that article here.

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Bucky Builder is My Name

Bucky Builder SimCity Buildit Club Wars Blog

First off, let me introduce myself. If you’ve read my stuff before, skip ahead a bit.
I am Mayor Bucky Builder, which is my blogger name regarding Simcity Buildit blogs.
My city is named Ghipaland. Ghipa is what my granddaughter calls me.
The name of my SimCity Club is West Coast Rising. I am the founder and president of that club. More on that later.

My SimCity Buildit Blog

I post my blog only on I happen to know these folks, and although it is a newer, and hence, less known site, they could use the fresh content, and I believe in their mission. Friendslr is a clean social network that does not data mine. That means they do not exist to gather and collate your data. They do not track you, they do not sell or give away your information nor identity. They run on Christian principles.
Presently I only write my SimCity blog once every few weeks. Soon that ought to change, but for now I only have a few hours a week I can budget to SimCity in particular, and blogging in general.

In this blog I dispense SimCity Buildit tips and advice, as I see it. There are a good many people out there who know this game far better, and they are welcome to chime it! I say (in the blog) what I see, in other words, but am in no way an expert. Experts can be found on Reddit.

SimCity Buildit Club Wars

The first thing to address here is SimCity Buildit Clubs.

SimCity Buildit Clubs

In the game, at a certain level, you are offered a reward to join a club. Offhand I don’t remember what level that was. I’m on level 58 currently, and it was maybe 20 levels ago. I think the reward to join a club was like 3 gold keys or something like that. So I joined a club that was made up of all Russians with a lot of experience. I am not Russian, I don’t speak Russian. See, I didn’t care what club it was, it was a club, and I got a reward for joining a club. Done deal.

What I found is that my Storage began losing a ton of items, high value stuff, and fast! My storage was getting poached by the fellow members of the club. So, I left, and created my own club, West Coast Rising. No reason or symbolism in regards to the name. I’m on the west coast. I wanted the club to rise.

Club Tasks

I find a lot of my club members are newer, and they ask a lot of questions. Many of these questions I, as the club president, did not know the answer to. However, this much I knew: A club in can participate in club wars. Club members can supply each other with needed items. Clubs can work together in weekly challenges. That was the goal of my club, by the way, weekly challenges. Who doesn’t want to score points and gain the common chest. Or the uncommon chest? Valuable stuff there. The chests yield their rewards weekly at the end of challenges. Only club members that contribute to the chest tally get rewarded.

SimCity club challenge

To run down the list, in the Simcity Buildit weekly club challenges, you have the:

  • Common chest
  • Uncommon chest
  • Rare chest
  • Epic chest
  • Legendary chest

Yes, I know I’m off topic, but bear with me for a minute or two.

Chests Described

The Common chest is accessed at 50,000 points of member point contributions. This rewards members with 10 SimCash and 3 (?) question marks. Three TBD, to be decided, in other words.

The uncommon chest rewards you with 20 SimCash, 1 gold ticket, and also 3 TBD.

The rare chest is next. With that you get 30 SimCash, 2 gold tickets, and 6 TBD.

The Epic chest yields 50 SimCash, 3 gold tickets, and 9 TBD. I’ve made it here once only.

The Legendary chest will reward you with 120 SimCash, 4 gold tickets, and 15 TBD.


My club, West Coast Rising, currently has only 10 members, including myself. (You can have up to 25 members per club). Of that number, I have never seen more than 3 others participate in any challenge, be it club wars, or weekly challenges. These are folks who simply chose a group to get the immediate reward.

There are major clubs that require participation, and remove members who don’t participate. I have not done that, yet. However, I dislike losing at anything, particularly if the loss was avoidable. If I’m outplayed, fine, learn and move on, right? But if said loss is caused by people not even trying, I that will lead to booting people at some point.

Poaching the Trade Depot in SimCity Buildit

No poaching members in SimCity Buildit

Here you can see I am on one of my member’s cities/region. See that gift there? I will NOT click that. Leksaville, whatever that was, it is still yours.
Poaching is another universal no-no. I noted, recently, that once again high value items, like lawn chairs, were going missing.

Poaching is when you’re visiting a city via the trade depot with little to no intent of buy anything. You are looking for the Gifts that Simcity pops up in the city you’re visiting.

Bear in mind that the item that you are gifted (are stealing), should you click on the gift and item, is taken (stolen) out of the storage of the city you are visiting.

To be gifted is fine and dandy by itself, because you will get items back when you click gifted items too, but never, ever poach inside of your own team. Keep that stuff outside your club.

SimCity Buildit Club Wars

War supply Depot is just south of the airport

Okay, the topic you searched for is at hand. I said earlier that I’m no expert, and that is the truth. However, I do have keen insight due to good observation skills.
And of wars, I quote William Tecumseh Sherman:

I tell you, war is Hell!

Right, so, you will not have to look upon thousands of soldiers lying on the ground looking skyward with eyes that are dead. You will not gain any territory. You will not take loot away from a war. Nope. However, to do well, to win, you’re going to need the participation of each member of your club. And you, and they, are going to take casualties.

Don’t fret, though, the damage you, and they, take is temporary. At the end of a war, win or lose, your city will be restored to whole again. During the course of a war you can rebuild your city too, be it rapidly, or slowly.

The Cost of War

When a war starts, there is a preparation period before shots can be fired. I think it’s like 12 hours. During that time you will want to fill your storage to the brim with whatever you think you need. get your factories pumping out as much stuff as they can. Have “floaters” atop all of your factories while they produce more. And you know what? It STILL won’t be enough!

War Supplies Depot

War supply Depot in Simcity Buildit

The war supplies depot works just like regions Export HQ’s do. If you have used one, you have used the other. SimCity will list up 3 items for you to buy. Instead of bonuses like Wave Simoleons, the right column is not a reward, but the war item component you’re buying with your normal supplies. And just like Export HQ’s, at first you’re fine with trading for items, but the game will quickly start asking for long production time items, and expensive items. Example, Corn, French Quarter Baguettes, Sunny Isles facecream. To compete, you almost always have to purchase items with SimCash in order to have the items you need. And folks, SimCash goes WAY too fast! SimCity knows this, as their objective is to force you to SPEND MONEY to advance your game by buying more SimCash!

Prosecuting a Club War

All hands on deck! If you’re in a SimCity Buildit Club War, be in it to win it! Half measure will not do. The game will match you with a club of similar size. If your club is positioned on the left side of the screen, the leader will be at the bottom of the listed cities. On the right continent, the leader is on top most.

You will find opponents that have names that are impossible to type, like Chinese characters. Our keys pads are not set up for typing these characters be it on a computer emulating an Android device, an iPhone, an android phone, or on a tablet. Skip it. Just number them in your group 1 to 10, top to bottom. Our first and only war we were 10 on 10.

The opposing mayor-president-of-the-club likely has more firepower and production capability than the other players on the opposing side. Not always, but it is likely. However, they may not be aggressive, either. Yet, the war axiom hold true: cut off the head, you (may) disable the body.

Organized Firepower

In any war on here, there is likely going to be players who do not fire on the cities in your club. Doesn’t matter, they can supply/re-supply the ones who are shooting at you. However, if you knock out the ones doing the shooting, you lessen the threat.

The goal of Simcity Buildit club wars is to out-point your opponent. You earn points be raining down destruction on the opposing club. Once you have inflicted enough damage on any opponents city (cities) said city (or cities) will automatically be covered by a shield until they regain full strength. They can no longer be hit at this point, but neither can they return fire. So, as a strategy, coordinate with your comrade team members to take out the treats to your cities.

Strategy Lesson

Again, I’m no expert, but doctrine is doctrine.

  • Know your enemy’s weakness.
  • Know the enemy’s strengths.
  • Seek to exploit the weaknesses, and cancel out their strengths.
  • Work together and communicate.
  • Deceive the enemy as to your weaknesses and strengths.
  • Have a strategy.
  • Cover each other
Their Strengths and Weaknesses

What are your enemy’s strengths and weaknesses? Well, mostly this is based on what level they have obtained. A leader who is at level 58 likely has way more production capability and ability to hurt your team than a team member who is on level 18. the higher lever cam also heal their city faster, and be back at full strength, pronto. I mean, what is the point of hitting a city with all you got if it barely fazes them?

You can make a good guess at the enemy’s strengths and weaknesses by clicking on them in the war map, them clicking the (i) information icon. This will tell you their status, level and, by extension, strengths. Go through the whole list.

Exploit It

Exploiting the weaknesses and nulling the strengths, how to do this is up to you, but generally, considering you and the opponent will be evenly matched in member cities, it seems removing the number of participating cities on the opposing side, strongest first, gives you numerical superiority. However, if all of your members are not participating, you may still be at a disadvantage.


Use the chat feature (which is really clunky) or use an outside info center (like a group here in Friendslr, or on Facebook) to communicate strategy, and arrange trade deals to balance the load of war material acquisition, firepower, and targeting.
For example: I’ll take out #1, the rest of you take on 2, 4 and 7. Keep them busy.


This ties in with Cover Each Other too, in a way. By the way, I am not giving away the store here, on any point, because I know a future opponent will read this and think they have our playbook. Nope, only general strategy and tactics here, folks.

Should one of your members get hit, it is to your advantage to re-supply them if at all possible. How?
Put non-advertised items they need in your trade depot for cheap, like 1 Simoleon cheap. If you have ANY other advertised items in there, however, you run the risk of poachers grabbing said item if the intended recipient does not claim it/them, pronto. I’ve done that, not realizing why the items were listed so cheap. Took a while to figure out, too. “5 glass for 1 Simoleon? Yes!” I thought it was a glitch, or someone was drunk, or had no clue how to price things. Oops. Sorry to anyone out there I have done this to!
All of this comes back to communicating!

Have a Plan

Strategy was covered above, but let me repeat, not giving away everything hear, just general stuff. Read Sun Tzu, The Art of War. Google it. Very interesting book with great information from, like, 1500 years ago. Still relevant today.

Know how you are conducting your war, and have a plan. Communicate the plan. Execute the plan. Be adaptable to changes in the plan as needed.

Cover Each Other

When one of my teammates gets hit, the computer tells you who did it. I will always retaliate (and draw fire) for my members. I can heal quicker, generally, and I can produce more weapons, faster.


Be cautions of your energy levels. In SimCity Buildit Club Wars, you can have all the weapons ready to go in the world, but if you do not have the energy left to launch an attack, you are a sitting duck. This is frustrating. It takes 14 minutes to regenerate 1 bar of power, and you top out at 12 bars. That means from 0 to 12 can take over 2 3/4 hours to be fully charged back up! Use low energy attacks to finish off opponents, never more than you need. Use low energy also to draw fire. But when you want to hit hard, go all out!

That’s all I have for now. We’ll see you in the game!


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