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President Donald Trump is the 45th president of the United States. Mr. Donald John Trump was born in Queens, New York, June 14th 1946. His birth date would make him a Gemini, astrologically speaking. In the Chinese Zodiac he was born in the Year of the Dog”. Not that any of that makes any difference.

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Trump’s Mother, Mary Anne MacLeod (Trump), was Scottish by birth, his Father, Fredrick Christ Trump, was of German extraction. The elder Trump was also a developer and landlord, and his son Donald became part of the family business. However, his focus was in high dollar Manhattan, versus his father’s interests in Queens, the Bronx, etc. Frederick was controversial much like his son Donald. the elder Trump was accused of war profiteering during world war two. He was also accused of racial leasing policies aimed at keeping black folks out of his developments. In fact he was tried on this charge, yet both sides declared victory. Knowing a little bit about this, it looks to me like Fred clearly lost this battle. After all, Fredrick Trump was required to study the Fair Housing Act extensively by order of the court.

Clarity for Clarity’s Sake

Right off the bat, let me make it clear that I, and we at, are not political geeks. I did not vote for either of the candidates. I really see little difference between the two major parties. Admittedly I am happier to see the ABC in play, Anyone But Clinton. However, I do not believe that whoever occupies the White House makes much of a difference in my day-to-day life. I still work, I still pay bills, I live, and will one day die, and all of this with little influence from the oval office.

Yet, look at the stock market. It’s been on a tear lately, although it has had some recent corrections (falls, that is). The new tax code may benefit me, as it will millions of people, but that remains to be seen.

A Decisive Electoral Victory

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Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton in the 2016 Presidential election 306 Electoral votes to 232, a major upset! However, Trump lost the popular vote, with 62,984,825 for him, and 65,853,516 for Clinton. So, while the underdog Trump won via the Electoral College, he was pretty soundly beaten in the popular vote. This gave voice and credibility to the #notmypresident movement. Legally, however, Trump trounced Clinton, plain and simple. Clinton basically gave away an election that was a given win for her, this to a man who had never seriously run for any office! No, it was not a “landslide” victory for Trump, nor necessarily a mandate, but a clear win.

The Spread

As a matter of fact, the electoral spread was scary close to the Kennedy/Nixon race of 1960. That one was 303 Kennedy, 219 Nixon. In the 1960 race it was largely Lyndon Johnson being on the Kennedy ticket that swung the south’s electoral votes to Kennedy. So, in other words, the strategic decisions the Kennedy camp made, such as including the abrasive Johnson on the ticket, won the election for Kennedy. In much the same way, Donald Trump’s own team strategically targeted the states with a view towards the Electoral College, all while gaining grass roots support from the “Deplorables”. Who in Clinton’s camp thought it was a good idea to call potential voters nasty names, anyway?

Donald Trump Demonized

president Donald Trump Demonized

From almost the very moment it became clear that Trump would win, the shocked opposition, including the media, (such as CNN) began excoriating Trump as some sort of villain. An usurper. That he collude with foreign interests to win the election. Donald Trump was mocked when he made accusations about his campaign having been illegally wiretapped. (Surprise! It actually was! Watergate, anyone?). Furthermore, even to this moment, the leftist new outlets such as NPR, Washington Post, et al seem to work night and day to make the man look like a chump. Let’s lay this out:

Trump has been accused by the media of:

  • Belongs to the Republican Party
  • Being a racist.
  • Belonging to the KKK.
  • Being a Nazi
  • Sexual misconduct with myriad women.
  • Colluding with Russia to win the election.
  • Being a Cheeto in a suit.
  • Warmongering.
  • Being dumb.
  • Braggart.
  • Becoming unfairly wealthy
  • Being a Twitter freak.
  • And, right now, defending some aide named Rob Porter, accused of physically and emotionally abusing two former wives. This has, of course, morphed into a circus of the left stating that Trump himself has a long history of defending his abusive workers, as virtually all his employees, cabinet, etc. abuse their spouses and significant others.
  • Eating boogers.
  • Stealing candy from babies.
  • Chowing on spaghetti with his bare hands at White House functions.
  • Drinking the blood of orphaned one-eyed Slavic infants.

Working backwards, lets address these Donald Trump “facts”:

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valentines day here already blog post imageThe last four I made up. I admit it. However give the media a little time and they’ll have folks out there yelling, “Extra extra, read all about it, Trump caught drinking baby blood!”

Rob Porter

Moving up the list, let’s talk about this Rob Porter guy. He has resigned his position. He is jobless. Now, I want to ask you, do you believe in the concept of “innocent until proven guilty”? This guy, who I know nothing about, has lost everything. It sounds like a presumption of guilt to me. Abusing one’s wife is abhorrent, absolutely, but were you there? Was Trump present when this happened? Of course not, times two. However, a lot happens behind closed doors which no one but the involved parties see, so the abuse allegations could be true. Yet, Trump has supported this guy, as the guy told Trump it isn’t true. That takes balls. Now, however, ALL the president’s men are abusers? I’m thinking no.
Additionally, see this New York Times article: Trump’s History of Defending Men Accused of Hurting Women.
I’m reasonably certain that the president doesn’t sit around making calls defending abusers.
Bingo! Here’s is a line from the article:
“Even before becoming a politician, Mr. Trump weighed in on allegations against well-known men, though he did not always side with the accused.”

Being a Twitter freak.

Trump on Twitter

Definitely some truth to this! Simply Google Donald Trump and the first result is invariably his Twitter feed. Okay, so what is wrong with this? Isn’t it great that each and every one of us can, in theory, have a connection to the leader of the country? I think that is fantastic! For decades the presidency has been made more and more isolated from the common folk, and for good reason. Lee Harvey Oswald, ever hear of him? Squeaky Fromm? John Warnock Hinckley Jr.? Crazy people, in other words, the president is kept safe from crazy people. Yet, this has created a schism between the top and bottom, not to mention all the in-between. You know the old saying, the rich man’s grave is the same size as the poor man’s, death is the great equalizer. Twitter, too, is a great equalizer, and a much nicer one.

However, I do think way too many policy decisions, and other things, are previewed to the public on Twitter by Trump. Call it trial balloons or whatever. There is such as thing as Too Much Information, and it seems this president has a penchant for TMI moments. On the other hand, there are priceless jewels such as the Covfefe tweet.
Even with all the tweet, one would be naive to think there isn’t a lot more discussed in cabinet meetings that we never hear about. These meetings are surely handled like high end board meetings, with all the associated secrecy needed.

Becoming unfairly wealthy

trump unfairly wealthy

Why is it that anyone who has much, who has achieved a lot, is evil, unless they subscribe to liberal agenda? “But he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth!” So what? And besides, I’m certain said spoon was just like all ours were, a device for getting fed.
How is being successful a BAD thing? “But his dad gave him a million dollars to start his business, so he had an unfair advantage!”
Well, from what I read, that Million was a LOAN, not a gift. However, there are other financial transactions that appear to show that Fred Trump helped Donald out a few times, financially. And again, so what? What parent wouldn’t?

The key here is that Donald Trump’s father helped him succeed, and help fund that success with at least a million dollar loan. Did Donald buy yachts? Live a playboy’s life?. Behave as if the world owed him something? Well, no, he parlayed that million dollar loan into BILLIONS of dollars. He WORKED to build that fortune himself. Donald Trump employed people along the way. He has given to charity. Have you done any of that?

He’s a Braggart.

Well, yeah, that may be so. However, I think to be as successful as he has been, it takes an enormous amount of belief in one’s self. I’m giving him a pass on this one. I mean, why be humble when you’re right? Especially when much of the world tries to make you look foolish.

President Donald Trump is dumb.

dumb donald trump

Okay, he took a million dollar loan and turned it into billions of dollars. He is not a dumb man. He is a shrewd business man, end of story. “But Donald Trump tries to minimize his tax burden.” Um, smart rich folks do that, Maynard. Even liberals.

Donald Trump is a Warmonger

Well, okay, what war, exactly, are we in at the moment? He is standing up for the USA against threats of nuclear annihilation from an unstable Korean dictator, who has an much said he will nuke our country. Sometimes threats must be countered with like verbiage. In the process of “making a deal” the president clearly understands that one cannot, must not, negotiate from a position of weakness. Ever.

Being a Cheeto in a suit.

trump the cheeto

You know, for the liberal establishment to shout not to judge others by their appearance, then proceed to judge someone’s appearance is so deliciously hypocritical. This is something they make fun of, joke about, because, being the opposition makes one a fair target, apparently. Never-mind human decency.
So what if the man has a spray on tan, that offers yet another clue as to his intelligence. Sun exposure and skin cancer from it can kill you. Oh, and personally, I want to add, I think Donald Trump should shave his head and be done with the whole comb-over thing. That must take HOURS to do, and frankly, I think the man would look bad-ass bald. And add a goatee, classy!

Trump Colluded with Russia to win the election

Trump and Putin

Uh, yeeeeah. So, what the heck could the Russians do anyway, to guarantee any particular candidate is elected? Run Facebook ads? Most of us ignore the ads there anyway. “But, they hacked servers” and so on. Well, buttercup, I have news for you: Russian, Chinese, Brazilian, Polish, you name it, are ALL THE TIME in every server, everywhere, 24/7.
Here’s a snapshot of our logs:

We are not a popular site, yet thousands of times a month the Russians, Chinese, Ukrainians etc are in trying to hack it.
What are they trying to influence? What are they stealing? Folks, it’s simply what they do. All the time. On every server.

So, what other “smoking guns” are there to indicate the Russians had diddly squat to do with the election? None.

Sexual misconduct with myriad women

In this one, maybe it’s true, and maybe it’s not. He’s rich. He is powerful, and once upon a time he was attractive, although I’m not one to judge such things. However, I find it interesting that this information started trickling in once he ran for office, but not prior. Surprising, given his wealth and power.

Trump is a NAZI, like father, like son

nazi donald trump

Let’s put this to bed quickly. From Wikipedia:

“Fred Trump supported Jewish and Israeli causes and institutions, including his donation of the land for building the Beach Haven Jewish Center in Flatbush, New York,[26] and significant support for Israel Bonds, debt securities that trade at a risk-adjusted spread to U.S. Treasury bonds and are issued by the government of Israel”

Not a Nazi, like father, like son.

Donald Trump Belongs to the KKK

{Buzzer sound} Nope. Absolutely false. His father was accused of such, like in the 1920’s, but even that is hearsay, not proven. And there is no link from Donald to the clan.
See this article from the Washing Examiner:

That he is a racist.

Another one to put away quickly. See this page at the dubious fact check site Snopes. Even they grudgingly admit that Donald Trump is not some sort of monster:

Donald Trump is a Republican

Well, in the last election cycle, Trump ran for president as a republican, that much is true. However, he is, like I said, a shrewd business man. Clearly he understood that the party nearly ALWAYS switches off the highest office from one party to the other. there are a few exceptions, but relatively few. You had  Republican G.H.W. Bush, followed by Democrat Clinton, followed by Republican G.W. Bush, followed by Democrat Obama. Of course Trump understood that his best chance was as a republican, if only for this tradition.
See, Trump was a Democrat until 1987, a Republican from 1987 to 1999, Reform party from 1999 until 2001, then a Democrat again from 2001 to 2009. In 2009 he became a Republican, again, then became an Independent in 2001 to 2012. In 2012, he was, once again, a Republican. If it would have served his purpose to become a Democrat in order to win the election, he may have done so, in my opinion.

Wrapping it up

Donald Trump, by all observations, is a good man. No, he is not an eloquent speaker, but, personally, I’d rather have a leader who speaks plainly than a pretty talking, but perfunctory, stuffed shirt. Or a crook.
So get over it, #notmypresident people, he #isyourpresident.

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