Bad Bunny Hops onto SNL: A Night to Remember!

When the world learned that the legendary reggaeton artist, Bad Bunny, was hosting Saturday Night Live, fans were already gearing up for some side-splitting comedy. After all, if there’s one thing Bad Bunny can do just as well as dropping chart-topping hits, it’s dropping jaw-dropping laughs. And boy, did he deliver!

The Cold Open:

SNL kicked off with Bad Bunny as the “Baddest Bunny of the White House,” where he’s the President’s new pet rabbit, turning the White House into a reggaeton fiesta. Who knew executive orders could be announced with a sick beat in the background? Kate McKinnon, as always, stole the scene as a very confused and slightly terrified Vice President.

Cameo Alert!

Mid-fiesta, Shakira (yes, THE Shakira) showed up as the Secretary of Hips (they don’t lie, after all). The duo then launched into an impromptu musical number that made everyone wish for a Bad Bunny-Shakira collaboration ASAP!


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The Monologue:

Bad Bunny walked onto the stage rocking bunny ears and some fabulous bling. He mused about how his name might be confusing for English speakers. “In Puerto Rico, I’m Bad Bunny. But here, I’m just ‘Inappropriate Rabbit.’”

The Skits:

  1. Dueling Barbers: In a hilarious skit, Bad Bunny and Pete Davidson played rival barbers, each trying to outdo the other with increasingly outlandish haircuts. Let’s just say Mikey Day ended up with a pineapple-shaped mohawk.
  2. Reggaeton Yoga: Bad Bunny introduced a new form of relaxation – Reggaeton Yoga. Picture Cecily Strong trying to maintain her zen while doing the downward dog to a reggaeton beat. Namaste? More like Nama-stay and dance!
  3. Music Video Parody: In a parody of his music videos, Bad Bunny and Bowen Yang played lovers in a dramatic telenovela, complete with stormy rain scenes and slap fights. The twist? They’re both fighting over a stuffed bunny.

Even More Cameos!

During the Reggaeton Yoga skit, Jennifer Lopez suddenly appeared as a surprise yoga instructor, teaching everyone the art of the “booty shake” pose. And in the barbershop skit, Daddy Yankee showed up, asking for the “Gasolina” special. The laughter from the audience was deafening!


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Weekend Update:

During the classic “Weekend Update” segment, Bad Bunny popped in as an entertainment correspondent, revealing the secrets of the reggaeton world. Turns out, everyone uses bunny ears to get into the mood to write hits. Colin Jost tried it and well, let’s just say, not everyone can be a “Bad Bunny.”

The Full Cast Round-Up:

While Bad Bunny definitely stole the show, SNL’s iconic cast was in full force:

  • Kate McKinnon: Besides playing the VP in the cold open, she also hilariously attempted to rap in a “Reggaeton for Dummies” skit.
  • Pete Davidson: As the rival barber, he might have found his next calling. Hairdressing, anyone?
  • Cecily Strong: Her attempts at Reggaeton Yoga might just spawn a new fitness craze.
  • Mikey Day: The victim of the dueling barbers, he definitely wore that pineapple mohawk with pride.
  • Bowen Yang: His slap-fight with Bad Bunny will go down in SNL history.
  • Colin Jost and Michael Che: The dynamic duo kept the laughs coming with their sharp “Weekend Update” commentary.
  • Ego Nwodim, Chloe Fineman, Andrew Dismukes, and the rest of the crew: Their individual sketches and background performances added layers of comedy gold to the evening.

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The Musical Numbers:

Of course, Bad Bunny didn’t just come to make us laugh. He took to the stage to perform two of his hits, turning Studio 8H into the hottest club in town. And yes, the bunny ears stayed on the entire time!

Closing Thoughts:

Bad Bunny’s SNL hosting debut was a perfect blend of music, comedy, and unexpected surprises. The cast shone brightly, the cameos left the audience in stitches, and the reggaeton beats ensured no one stayed seated. Here’s to hoping this isn’t the last time we see Bad Bunny on the SNL stage!

So, if you missed this episode, do yourself a favor and catch the rerun. Just a warning: you might end up wearing bunny ears and trying to freestyle in Spanish. Not that there’s anything wrong with that!

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