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Insane Gas Prices – 3 Reasons

Gas Prices – We’re all in the Same Boat

When it comes to gas prices, I have seen and heard so many conflicting reports over the last year, we’re running out of oil, we have centuries of oil, etc. However, one thing is certain: Shutting down the Keystone XL oil pipeline was a huge mistake. This mistake has spurred inflation, raised prices on virtually every need and want that every person in this country has. It has helped devalue the buying power of every person in this nation. And all for what, a political statement?

There are 3 reasons for high gas prices:

  • Shortsighted Ignorance
  • Politics as usual
  • Media hype and coverage

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You can see in this linked article that Newsweek absolutely called it! They said gas prices would climb!

Let’s See if this is True

We hear in the mainstream media all sorts of distractions. First it was Covid. Now it’s the Ukraine and Russian “war,” much of which is disputed as even being real. I was getting a smog check the other day and the newscast on the TV is full of nonsense fear mongering. Does it not seem that “fear” is now our default setting as people? As a nation? Damn, the left sure loves to keep us all on pins and needles! And, for the sake of clarity, I do not vote one side nor the other, I am an independent.

What I see, as an independent thinker is an unfit president who made a horrible decision that is costing the average American hundreds of dollars monthly!

This means there is more spent each month to feed and clothe families, and less available for simple pleasures. And, both businesses and customers are feeling that pinch. By “virtue signaling” they do without, and you should too.
Of course the left will tell you that you don’t need those pleasures.

Go electric they said, it will save the planet, they said

One of the most offensive things the left has done here in California is mandated, or made law, that after 2035 no new petroleum fueled cars can be sold in the state. Or, more precisely, all cars and trucks must be “Zero Emissions.” So, let’s get into the whole “lithium ion cars are good for the environment” debacle.
The fact is, controlling pollution at the tailpipe level, is difficult at best. And some countries (I’m looking ta you, China) don’t even bother. The above is a given.
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Having grown up when smog was really bad, and a constant (you could actually SMELL it when you landed at LAX having traveled from anywhere else!) I can tell you first hand how big a problem this is. At the same time, here in California, the efforts to control smog has paid huge dividends over the years.

Yet, lithium mining, and all that goes into electric cars, is not all that friendly for the environment. I’m not going deep into this, as we’re talking gas prices, but the article below does. Quick note: Co2 is NOT a pollutant. It’s what you and I breathe out, and what trees and grass, and food plants EAT.

Gas Prices Surging

Have you ever paid $6.00 a gallon for gasoline? I have, and it made me feel so….dirty. So you know, it’s not just commutes to work that doubled in price. It’s transportation costs for every singe item you buy, use, need. Food, clothing, furniture, pharmaceuticals, you name it! If said item needs to move from there to hear, you are, in fact, paying that difference. And while electric vehicles and their limited rage can help, much of the electricity they use is still generated by “fossil” fuels.

We together can make a difference.

People tend to vote along two paths

  1. with their pocket book.
  2. along party lines.

You have heard. election after election, the phrase, “are you better off now than you were 4 years ago?” Well, I can say with certainty that we, and I, am not better off than I was a year ago, and I call that a failure of leadership. And a failure of imagination.

Regardless of whom you voted for in 2020, I doubt you are better off now, financially. Money is dropping in value as debt increases, and costs rise. How’s your rental rate nowadays? What is your “dining out” budget looking like?

The elite want you to do have less, do less, and feel less secure. Gas priced matter little to them, they can afford it. You and I, not so much.

This was one of the funniest, and exaggerated/accurate (fuccugerate?) videos I have seen in some time on the topic of gas prices:

The Media Connection to Gas Prices

Why are the mainstream media outlets so loathe to really focus, and apply pressure to the current administration for relief and results. “Well, we harp on and on about Ukraine, and the horrid things happening there…” Okay, but what about here!?! Should gas prices NOT be a topic to harp on? The fact that the average family is doing with less because of this administrations outright abject blunders SHOULD be talked abut every hour of the day!

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