12 Steps How to Boil Eggs – Amazing Simple!

12 Steps on How to Boil Eggs Amazing and Simply!

Video included! I’ll show you how!

Eggs have gotten a bum wrap for many years, but not so much these days! Here we will show you how to boil eggs easily, and flawlessly!

Quick Guide

I myself hate when I go to a How To page and have to scroll way down for what I want. Do, here I’ll sum it up quickly. You can read on for more info and a video on how to boil eggs below.

How to boil eggs - select the eggs

*Put your eggs into a sauce pan. Use a pan appropriate for the number of eggs. Leave enough room where they are not touching.
*Fill cold water into the pan so the eggs are just covered.
*Splash a little vinegar into the water. This will help the shells peel easier.
*Put the pan on the stove on high.
*Let the water get to a roiling (or rolling) boil.

*Shut the heat off.
*Cover the eggs with a lid, then set a timer for 10 minutes. Let them seep under that cover for the full 10 minutes for hard boiled eggs.
*During those 10 minute preps a bowl of mostly cold water and a lot of ice. The bowl needs to be about 2/3 bigger than the pan you cooked in. Add enough ice so that it does not fully melt in those 10 minutes.
*10 minutes are up, use tongs to transfer the boiled eggs into the cold water bath.
*Let the eggs sit in there for at east 30 minutes.
*Remove the eggs, dry them (I set them on a paper towel).
*Eat them, prep them, or refrigerate the eggs to use later.

Why do I need to know how to boil eggs?

Well, first of all, it is one of the most basic of cooking skills. Also, eggs can be used in various ways. Keep in mind that if you are into the Keto diet, or any other high protein/low carb diet, you really cannot go wrong with eggs.
Furthermore, boiling an egg does not add any other ingredients/by products to the egg. Fry an egg? You probably use butter or some other oil to lube up the pan. Same with omelets.
If you love a good boiled egg as much as I do, hard or soft boiled, then you will probably boil up a bunch at a time. Like I said earlier, you can use them in so many ways!

  • To eat, just as they are.
  • Add them to potato salad
  • Devil them for Hors-d’œuvres
  • To make egg salad sandwiches
  • And whatever else you love! Like a Chef Salad!

Eating them right out of the shell

how to boil eggs - eat them right out of the shell

Shelling an egg is not all that dissimilar to peeling an orange. I’m told that fresher eggs are harder to peel, but have not put this to the test. If you splash vinegar in the water before boiling the eggs, they are supposed to be easier to shell. Seems about the same to me.
Sprinkler a little salt and pepper on the peeled egg, perfect meal, little waste! Have a little sharp cheddar cheese slice, and a couple saltine crackers with it, yikes! So good!

Add them to Potato Salad

Cut up boiled eggs absolutely belongs in potato salad! Other stuff people put in, like raisins, does not. That savory flavor, OMG!

Deviled Eggs – A Love/Hate Relationship

You either love them or loathe them, there really is no middle ground. Deviled eggs are sort of a “well, what’s the point” sort of egg dish, but I do love a good batch! However, it seems to me that not much separates a good deviled egg from a bad one. In other words, just a tiny too much of one item, and blech.

Egg Salad Sandwiches

You really can’t go wrong with an egg salad sandwich, which is why I love them. On the other hand, I have hear people bemoan this treat, stating it gave them nasty flatulence. Poppycock! Once you know how to boil eggs, you can have these treats whenever you want!

Whatever else

There are so many uses for boiled eggs, but the most memorable use is in Chef Salads. That, simply put, is on of my most favorite foods. Sans the egg, well, then it’s just a salad.
Years ago, when I ran a restaurant, we did mostly take out business, despite having beer, wine, and a good sized dining room. If you have been in that business you know that upselling is critical. It improves your overall sales. And done right, it reduces your food cost. Chef Salads became my go to. The challenge was boiling and properly shelling dozens of eggs daily. Enter the Egg Loaf!

how to boil eggs - egg loaf

This beautiful Roll-O-Egg was one of the best things ever! Prep time. reduced, labor reduced, food cost went up a bit, but that was way more than made up for in labor savings. And they tasted great too! And talk about presentation. Superb! With the egg loaf (roll) did one doesn’t even need to know how to boil eggs!

It starts with the eggs

Ok, the first thing to learn about how to boil eggs is the eggs themselves. I’m fortunate in that we live close to a huge egg farm. However, I can count on one hand how many times we actually bought eggs there. You would think fresh eggs straight from the farm would be cheaper. And, you would be wrong. Supermarkets generally lose money on both eggs and milk. That why they are positioned so that you must go by a good many others items, essentials and not, to get in and out.

When you buy eggs, always open the carton, make sure none are broken, cracked, or missing! And don’t forget to check the “best by” date. Last thing, that best buy date is only a suggestion.

Click here to learn to test the freshness of eggs!

The Water

Cool water is the second item. Just use the cold tap, simple as that. When you are first learning how to boil eggs, it may seem odd to use cool water, rather than hot, right? Well, you don’t want to start the cooking process too soon, nor do it piece meal.

Gently place the ebbs on the bottom of a sauce type pan. You can use a absolutely use a bigger pan if you’re boiling a lot of eggs.

Cover the eggs with water. You don’t need a lot of water, that just slows the boiling. Cover the eggs by about 1/4 inch.

Splash in a little vinegar?

Let me expand of the vinegar thing I touch on briefly at the top of the page. I don’t think it is necessary. Adding a teaspoon of vinegar to a small saucepan won’t change the flavor of the eggs. I also have seen no evidence that the eggs will peel any easier. I’m told it will, but…
When I learned how to boil eggs, I was not taught to use vinegar in the water.

Get your Boil On!

Now this is where people tend to foul up, and the whole need for an article on how to boil eggs. As a matter of fact, I produced the video seen on here thinking no one would watch it, I mean, seriously, boiling eggs? But they did!

Get the boil to a good roil (the proper term) or a “rolling boil.” Then shut off the burner. Have your sauce pan lid handy, because you’re going to pop that onto the pan, pronto!

Set a 10 minute timer, In 10 minutes you can remove the eggs from the water, and…

Pop them into an Ice Bath!

While you’re waiting for the egg steeping to finish, prep a bowl. larger than the pan you cooked in. Fill to 1/2 cold water, and 1/3 with ice. Yes, the ice will melt a little, but that’s ok, so long as there is enough ice in 10 minutes time. What you’re going to do is very rapidly cool the eggs, causing the shell and white of the egg to separate. This help with later peeling!
When I learned to boil eggs, you simply put the pan with the eggs in the sink and ran cool tap water. The ice method is way better!

Dry them off and Eat! Or store…

Let the eggs sit in the ice bath for at least 30 minutes. Then you can take them out of the ice bath, dry them off, and eat them! I simply set them onto a paper towel for an hour or so. Then I eat one or two. The rest go in the refrigerator for later.

About those eggs…

While, once upon a time, eating eggs was strongly advised against by heath professionals (…and I am by no means one…) the evidence seems to now indicate that eating eggs is okay, so long as you eat them in moderation. Studies indicate that eggs are still somewhat bad for you, if your diet also consists of more LDL cholesterol.
Still, take it easy on the ovum, buddy. I’d like to see us all thill around decades from now. Just because you know know how to boil eggs, doesn’t mean you must scarf them at every opportunity!

Read more on the heath aspects of eggs here.

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