pink and timberlake at super bowl 2018

Super Bowl 2018

Super Bowl 2018

Super Bowl 2018, or also called Super Bowl LII in roman numerals (52 for those of you calling it “Super Bowl Lee”) will be played on February 4th, 2018.

super bowl 2018

The game will be played in Minneapolis, Minnesota at the U.S. Bank Stadium. Kind of a weird name for a stadium, but hey, it will bring in bank, I’m sure.

This game will be a match up between the AFC Champion New England Patriots, perennial favorites, and the NFC Champion Philadelphia Eagles.

Patriots By Six

Right now the odds makers have it pegged as the Patriots winning by 6. I think it will be a greater margin though. I almost always root for the NFC, despite the representative, as very few AFC teams appeal to me. Actually, I loathe the AFC, for the most part. The only teams I like are, well, the Steelers, and, um, well, that’s about it. However, that having been said, is it even remotely possible that the Patriots won’t blow out the Eagles? Personally I do not like the Pats, nor Tom Brady (who really does? Huh?) but let’s face it, this team, and Brady are, year in and year out, top notch, A+, top drawer, whatever superlatives you like.

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Pink and Timblerlake

pink-timberlake-super-bowl image
If the entertainment on the gridiron is not to your liking, maybe the entertainment otherwise will be. Pink will be singing the national anthem, and the halftime show will feature Justin Timberlake. Meh.
I’m sure the commercials will be good, although last year’s were marginal at best.

Coverage starts at 6:30 PM Eastern, 3:30 PM Pacific on NBC.

The Match-up From Hell

I cannot imagine a worse match up for television ratings. Here you have two east coast teams, separated by 309.5 miles, playing for a country (and world) which has very little attachment to either, culturally, civic-ally, whatever. Oh, sure, the rating will be superb in Philly and Boston, nay, the East Coast, but those of us out west really could give a crap about the game, aside from commercials. for myself, I have had no need to watch a single game this year once the kneeling stuff started.

Breaking it down

As this super bowl 2018 features the Eagles and Patriots, let’s consider their stats.
Patriots 13-3 record. Eagles 13-3 record.

The Pats were 3-1 against the NFC. The Eagles were 3-1 against the AFC.

Patriots vs. Eagles, Pats lead the series 7 games to 6.

Common Opponents

The Giants beat the Patriots 40-38 in September 2017.
The Eagles beat the Giants the same month 27-24, and again in December 34-29.
The Chiefs beat the Patriots 42-27 in September, and they beat the Eagles 27-20 the same month.
The Panthers beat the Patriots 33-30 in October, but the Eagles beat the Panthers 28-23 the same month.
The Jets beat the Eagles 16-10 in August, the Pats beats the Jets 24-17 and 26-0 in October and December.
Pats beat Falcons 23-7 in October, Eagles beat them in postseason 15-10.
The Eagles beat the Chargers 26-24 in October, the Patriots beat them 21-13 the same month.
In November the Patriots beat the Broncos 41-16, the same month the Eagles beat them 51-23.
Patriots over the Raiders 33-8 in November, Eagles over Raiders 19-10 in December.
Patriots over Dolphins 35-17 and 27-20 in Nov and Dec, Eagles over Dolphins 38-31 in August.
Eagles beat the Bills 20-16 in August, Pats did it twice, 23-20 and 37-16, both in December.

Interesting stats:

Patriots | Points For  | Points Against
458                 296
Eagles  | Points For  | Points Against
457                  295

Pretty even stats for a Super Bowl

All in all, I’d say this is a VERY even match for Super Bowl 2018! Maybe it won’t be a blow out. In fact, the Eagles have an outstanding chance of beating New England, and I hope they do! However, the QB position might just make all the difference in the world. Brady vs the Eagles backup Nick Foles. Everyone knows Brady, but what the heck is a Foles? Is’t that a baby horse or something?

None-the-less, Foles will be starting in place off ACL injured 2nd year man Wentz, and we wish him the best of luck, he’ll need it.

also bear in mind neither the Eagles nor the Pats were in very tough divisions this year. However, the Saints and Panthers were, and where did it get them? Not in the Super Bowl, that’s where!

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