About Us

Friendslr Social Network

We are Friendslr.com, a website social community with Christ centered values.

Does that mean we are stuffy and judgmental? Well, I for one am neither. You be you, I’ll be me. Simple as that. The fact that my life experience has shown me that there is an afterlife, no doubt, and you can follow one of many paths, I chose to follow Christ. You may or may not agree, and I don’t much care.

Here, Frienslr stands for, = Friend Savior Lord Redeemer

That’s all. Maybe you follow the other guy, or chose a different path. Here, on Friendslr, you’re welcome, but know that I, and maybe we, will not walk off our path. In other words, share, like, follow, whatever, but Christ comes first. Keep it clean if you wish to disagree, and if you do not keep it clean, well, I have this handy bar of soap handy…

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