Insane Gas Prices – 3 Reasons

Gas Prices – We’re all in the Same Boat When it comes to gas prices, I have seen and heard so many conflicting reports over the last year, we’re running out of oil, we have centuries of oil, etc. However, one thing is certain: Shutting down the Keystone XL oil pipeline was a huge mistake. […]

Shopping Walmart Computers 7 Tips

7 Tips for buying computers at Walmart or Amazon Shopping for Walmart computers and Welcome! In this article we’ll look at shopping Walmart computers, what you might expect to find there, and as well. I know something about this as I just went through the process of buying my granddaughter a new computer […]

Pizza for Breakfast

Pizza for Breakfast: How to Make It – Quickly and Easily! Pizza is one of the tastiest foods of all time, in my opinion, and while pizza for breakfast may seem a stretch, many people would retort: why not? As matters of fact, some makers of frozen pizza have taken on making breakfast pizzas as […]

Corona Virus – New Social Conventions

Corona Virus Brings New Social Conventions The world is changing, and fast, thanks to Corona Virus. As a result, we all have new social norms, or conventions, that have crept into our day-to-day lives. For some, adapting has been a big change, huge even. For others the change has been relatively minor. However, I think […]