SimCity BuildIt Club Wars Clubs

SimCity BuildIt Club Wars Review – Tips – Advice This time in my blog I want to talk about SimCity Buildit club Wars. In my previous article I talked in pretty general terms about Simcity. Aspects of it, anyway, and my history with it, 30 years ago, versus now. You can read that article here. […]

George Floyd Protest Riots Examined

George Floyd Protest Riots All over the news lately has been the George Floyd protest riots. You can’t escape it. Turn on the radio, there’s some update. Radio foodie show, changed in format to cover it with the “reporter in the streets” segments and interviews. Now, I don’t get much into some topics. Race, no, […]

Coronavirus Effects Human Connection

Coronavirus Effects and the Human Connection As a blogger, albeit part time, I am acutely aware that many of you are looking for information on Coronavirus and how it effects humans. Based on the title, if you’re here, you may feel misled. However, this article is more on how Covid19 has effected us beyond the […]

BBQ Chicken – BBQ Pit Boys

BBQ Chicken – BBQ Pit Boys Style The BBQ Pit Boys have an enormous following, and for good reason: they rock! So when I’m going to BBQ something on the grill, one of the first places I turn to for knowledge is these bearded rock stars of BBQ. This weekend we talked about cooking up […]

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