Tuesday, July 27, 2021
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Laughshop.com is one of the earliest, and was at one time the largest, humor portal on the planet. springing from PJS ROFL, Laughshop grew to serve humor, both clean and not so clean, recipes, and trivia. The trivia section, unbeknownst to Laughshop, became part of the "Radio Show Guide", a website that used websites, top rated, for radio show prep. We lonly found out after we put out one bad piece of trivia, lol, oops. We had a contest for trivia types. There were no actual prizes, just honorable mentions.
I think the most gratifying part of Laughshop back in the day, was the fan mail. One said something to the effect of..."Thank you. As I lie in my hospital bed, waiting for the end, I look to Laughshop to lift my spirits. Thank you!"
No ma'am, thank you!
Humor websites, on the whole, make little to no income and Laughshop is no different. It really is a labor of love, more than anything else.
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