McDonalds Delivery with Uber Eats My Horror Experience

McDonald's via Uber Eats - is this a good use of time?

I work a lot, and I work hard. My average work week, with travel time, is just over 60 hours a week, and I work harder than the average person. As a consequence, as much as I love creating, my video vlogging and my blog articles are done solely on my very limited spare time. Thus, I order from Uber Eats fairly regularly. That said, I have never ordered McDonalds from Uber Eats.

It seems like a no brainer, however, in that McDonald's is (usually expected to be) very fast with their food preparation, even if the food itself is marginal at best. And Uber Eats, well, they have proven to me that they are the real deal. Fast, accurate, totally worth it, even with the added costs.

That said...

Uber Eats Mcdonalds image

This past Friday night I got home late to a hungry wife, a hungry granddaughter, and my stomach gnawing on my spine. Further, odds were my daughter would arrive home, and hungry, soon too. Having nothing prepared, yep, this was going to be an Uber Eats night, the only question was, what to order. Or, more precisely, from whom, then what items.

The local Chinese joint is great, but later in the evening the pickings get scarce and, well, older. Pizza? Pass, too many times this month. KFC or Popeyes? Much to pricey for what you get, and I wasn't in the mood. There, that, McDonalds! It will be quick, relatively decent, or at least consistent, and it may make for a good article. Done.

Potential challenges

Mc Donald's is not good food, it is consistent food. Consistently bad, really. Yet you know in L.A., N.Y., or Hong Kong, a Big Mac is still a Big Mac. It will fill you up and keep you going, and it will taste like....a Big Mac. Domino's Pizza followed Micky D's lead, dumb down the product which means simpler cost, and quality, control. Basically, if you make a product bad enough, it's REALLY HARD to screw the product up any worse.

On the other hand, even here where they are paying $15 to $18 an hour for unskilled labor, the consumer is not getting $15 to $18 an hour in service. In a word, McDonalds service level, at least here, is abysmal.

Why not just go pick the order up?

 McDonalds and Uber Eats image

I had been driving all day, and the thought of driving miles to get food from a restaurant that would be crowded, over-priced (for what you get) and had a probability of getting my order wrong at about 90%, no. Uber Eats was to do that heavy lifting. Around me there are about 4 McDonalds within 5 miles, but I chose for my delivery the restaurant closest to me. It also happens to be one of the worst run McDonald's I have ever seen. See, there is almost always a Micky D's somewhere near by, right?

What, with 13,438 locations, over 3.797 million square miles, there has to be one nearby. my closest one is notorious for incompetence. Perhaps they would display some semblance of competence when dealing with Uber Eats that they never display for in-person customers. I was wrong.

McDonalds locations and Uber Eats image

There are 13,438 Micky D'd in the US, the US has 3,797,000 square miles of area, so there is a McDonald's every 288 square miles, more or less. However, that area includes national parks, the great lakes, and McDonald's is not in the habit of putting stores were there are no people.

McDonalds Uber Eats Map image

Why is McDonalds so bad?

McDonalds is a horror story unto itself. We all know this. So-so food, ice cream machines that never seem to work. Wrong orders. Missing paid for items, so what happens when one orders McDonalds through Uber Eats? Well folks, it's the perfect storm.

The Good, the Bad, the Ugly

The good:

Those of us who use Uber Eats on the regular know that they are, generally, a service provider of the first order. Way more often than not they get it right, and they get the food to you hot and quick. That is one of the benefits to workers working for tips. T.I.P. - Too Insure Promptness. Uber is the good. The Achilles heal for Uber Eats is, however, the quality of the product they deliver, and the efficiency the retailer employs.

The bad

McDonalds employs low wage hourly workers who, realistically, have to skills, and are seeking to learn skills in the workplace. Their management training is VERY good, however. Having come out of the food service industry, McDonald's managers are highly sought after. They practice, for example, the 6  PPPPPPPs. Proper Prior Peration Prevent P*ss Poor Performance. But they do not seem to practice those beautiful P's here.

The Ugly

Cancel Uber Ears Mcdonalds Order

So you have a better than average service platform, Uber Eats, interfacing with a crappy service platform, Micky D's. So I ask myself, "So, what did you think would happen?

I ordered at about 7:15PM. I orders enough food for us, about $45 worth, so that if the daughter got home when the food was in, we could feed her too. and if not, I'd have a chicken sandwich and a Big Mac. Ah, the chicken sandwich was an Uber Eats promo: order over $15 and the order would come with a free chicken sandwich. Ok. Order will arrive at 7:45, good enough. At 7:40, Uber Eats indicated there was a delay in making the order, so the delivery time was updated to 8:15. Then 8:30. Then 8:50. All of these notifications included an apology for the delay. more on that in a second.

But then, as I'm considering cancelling the order, UBER EATS CANCELS ON ME! As if I, MY ORDER, is the problem! "Out delivery folks are stretched a little too thin to complete your order..."

I always play "what they said vs what they meant." We can't complete your order really means, to the customer, you are not important enough to us to keep you as a client.

Hungry People

So, by this time, I'm ravenous, and so is everyone else. I have had a very long day, cannot focus, so I do what any red blooded American would do. I pop a couple DiGiorno pizza in the oven. Also, I stopped posting any of my videos, filming any videos, and sought to chill out before decided to write this article or not. And if I wrote it, what tone would I take? I don't want to ever have a whine-fest, but at the same time, maybe Uber Eats needs to re-think their business relationship with McDonald's. you see, my point of contact was Uber Eats, and the automatic hard feels, first and foremost, gets radiated towards them, and if they are going to take on the liability of Ronald McDonalds inability to conduct business, maybe they need to get a higher percentage from Ronald per order.

Now I'm in Doubt

So, with two clunker orders in a row from Ube Eats, Red Robin's not so good burgers, and the McDonald's fiasco, I'm thinking Uber Eats does need to step up as little. While I understand that Red Robin "is what it is", you know, claiming a gourmet burger that is actually pedestrian at best, that's one thing. But leaving people hungry, working people, tired people, and saying sorry, well, that's not good enough.

Saying Sorry McDonalds and Uber Eats

Sorry McDonald's image

There's an old meme out there that says: "Take this plate, throw it on the ground and shatter it Now apologize to it. Is the plate now whole? Do you see how this works?"
The tired old "I'm sorry for your inconvenience" thing is old, annoying, and worthless. A customer would rather you right a wrong, in addition to an apology. An apology does not give me back my wasted time waiting for an order that will never come. Said apology does not feed my family.

Furthermore, while I understand standing guard over the till in these days of Karens and entitlement, I also understand that making a wrong right again is more than just an apology.

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