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Television Shows Growing Up Lied

Television Shows Growing Up Lied

The television shows I watched growing up, and many of you watched, lied. As simple as that statement is, I could end this article right here, with that single statement. However, that is not much fun, so let's expand on that, shall we?

Regardless of whether you grew up in the 1960's, 70's, 80's, or later, the plots and machinations of television shows ranged from downright silly, to absurd. That is not to say they were not fun nor entertaining. None of the shows would stay on the air if they were neither nor, necessarily, both! Moreover, it also pays to remember that you, the viewer, are a commodity, for sale to advertisers. So long as you watched, ad folks had someone to sell the wares to. When that audience dropped in size, many TV shows dropped as well. Cancellation awaited all, but some, sooner than others.

Television Shows Quick Sand meme image

Quick sand is a great example of TV lies!

Okay, be honest, you expected quicksand to be a bigger deal growing up than it actually is, yeah?

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Joomla vs Wordpress Comparison

Joomla vs Wordpress

Joomla vs Wordpress is a seemingly age old question that gets asked time and again. The thing is, however, it really isn't all that age old. The answer to that question is both simple, and complex. The simple part is, which do you prefer? What causes that preference? The complex, what do you want to use said program for?

Joomla vs Wordpress logo images
Joomla vs Wordpress vs All

Joomla vs Wordpress vs Drupal vs Blogger vs...

This entry could have easily been labeled as various different comparisons, such as Drupal vs WordPress, etc., as I have tried a good many different ones for a good many different projects.

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Man Card Meanings - Values

Man Card Meanings and Values

Man card, a term that I first heard on the television show Scrubs, is the theoretical practice of a man keeping his "man" card, or man cards, for as long as possible. Keeping ones card or cards is defined, and judged by, other men. Basically, losing your card(s) involves doing something heinously un-manly. Losing some cards is similar, in that they are taken from you, but in this version you have several. More on that later.

Steak is good for your man card image
Steak is Good for your man card

Ideally, a man ought to be able to keep his man card(s) for life with the loss of none. Also, it depends on how said cards are defined, as singular, or plural. These hypothetical cards can be thought of in the singular, A Man Card, or as plural, man cards. In the singular, it takes only one un-manly gaffe to lose your born card. Buying any yellow car, for example, boom, card revoked. In the pluralistic, that yellow car could cost you 7 out of 10 of your born cards.

As to how many cards a man is given... Well, you're only GIVEN so many, the rest you either earn, or lose.

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Smart Watches - Fitbit - Samsung Gear3 - Apple Watch 3

Smart Watches - Fitbit - Gear3 - Apple Watch 3 - Are They Necessary?

Smart watches, are they necessary? Well, I suppose that all depends on what you do with your timepiece, be it a watch or whatever. And here we'll talk about the Fitbit, Samsung and Apple offerings, as well as plain old wristwatches.

Smart Watches image

Many people have, for years, used their cell phones as their timekeeper, their watch, in a way. Oddly, it's like using an old time pocket watch, sans the cool chain. But, as time marches on, wrist watches are totally making a comeback of sorts, and for many good reasons. Here's we'll sort of look this all over and ask for your input as well.

Why are we Writing This?

Well, Friendslr must have content. What is Friensdslr? Read about it here, then join! Besides, this is a topic that interests me, so there!

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