Sunday, May 29, 2022
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BBQ Chicken - BBQ Pit Boys

BBQ Chicken - BBQ Pit Boys Style

The BBQ Pit Boys have an enormous following, and for good reason: they rock! So when I'm going to BBQ something on the grill, one of the first places I turn to for knowledge is these bearded rock stars of BBQ. This weekend we talked about cooking up some BBQ chicken, so of course I visited their website,! We'd bought a large number of legs, however, poultry kinda of scares me. I brought the chicken, the Boys brought the expert advice.

bbq chicken done image

Learn from the Best

BBQ cooking, or grilling, isn't rocket science. However, some of us, like me, are idiots with this stuff. I learned at the knee of my step dad how to BBQ as a child, but first, I did not pay attention, and second, he was much to impatient to teach. He was bad it teaching, that is to say. Adding to that, I have always preferred my meat well done. I know, zip it, I have gotten over that, learned the error of my ways.

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Pedder Nissan - Sale Made

Pedder Nissan Makes the Sale

Pedder Nissan is a car dealership not terribly far from me. Although I usually post on my site for local entries, I think the scope, and personal nature of this article deserves more exposure than just local.

First, I want to state that I noted that many car dealerships ("stealerships") catch a lot of flak for everything from people feeling like they were taken advantage of, to service departments doing the same and worse. Furthermore, if you go onto Yelp, or Google reviews, and even Facebook reviews, and looks at any seller of cars, pretty much anywhere, you'll find a heck of a lot of vitriol, angry posts mixed with glowing praise. We'll get into that later.

Back to the intro, since is worldwide, I felt Friendslr was the better venue. That's how strongly I feel about it, so, let's get onto the subject at hand.

Pedder Nissan Purchase

The Tables Are Turned for the Consumer

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