Sunday, May 29, 2022
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SimCity BuildIt - Vu Tower Tips

SimCity BuildIt Vu Tower Tips - Is It Worth It?

Hey everyone, Bucky Builder here! It's been a while since I have gone to all the trouble of writing an article. Been busy, sorry! Today I want to talk to you about the Dr Vu Tower in SimCity BuildIt.
Is Vu Tower worth it? Here we'll look at that question, and I'll even update you on my city's growth, Ghipaland, and how Dr. Vu is relevant to my city growth.

My Infernal Internal Debate

If you read back on a prior article I wrote, I clearly stated that "Vu Tower can sit there vacant, and dark, forever." I won't go back over why here, that is detailed in the earlier article. However...

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Pizza for Breakfast

Pizza for Breakfast: How to Make It - Quickly and Easily!

Pizza is one of the tastiest foods of all time, in my opinion, and while pizza for breakfast may seem a stretch, many people would retort: why not? As matters of fact, some makers of frozen pizza have taken on making breakfast pizzas as well, because, you know, pizza!
If you have ever taken a cold slice of love, erm, I mean pizza, out of the fridge first thing in the morning and savored the experience, you know, first hand, what nirvana is. Not the band, that would be weird.

Here I will walk you through making a pizza for breakfast, quick, easy, cheap, and just wait until you taste it!!

Pizza for Breakfast article image

Pizza Nutrition

Is pizza nutritious?

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Corona Virus - New Social Conventions

Corona Virus Brings New Social Conventions

The world is changing, and fast, thanks to Corona Virus. As a result, we all have new social norms, or conventions, that have crept into our day-to-day lives. For some, adapting has been a big change, huge even. For others the change has been relatively minor. However, I think as time passes, we will see longer term changes, both to our routines, and to how we act/interact.

My goal here is to spark the thought in my readers minds (thank you, by the way!!!), and maybe get a wider range of notable changes from you all.

I see it around me

My day-to-day radius is a little west of where I live, If I travel about 10 miles west of my home that puts me in the middle of the 30 mile radius that I am in Monday through Friday. I rarely travel east of home, so I don't travel in a 40 mile radius.

Corona Virus Masks

I see the behavioral changes where I live, and I see them where I work. And not just behavior has changed, that's too general. How we perceive things is changing, social pressures have changed. Mores have been altered. Fear has been heightened.

In a previous article on corona virus in May, I expressed some doubt, followed by stats showing the potentially lethality of Covid.  This was followed by an opinion that the whole "group think" fear mentality was, perhaps, a bad thing. That it was perhaps unnecessary. Were we giving up our rights without a fight? So easily?

Theories and Conspiracies

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Vacation to Hawaii - How To Go Cheap

How To Take a Vacation to Hawaii for Cheap

I have traveled to Hawaii so many times that I have lost count. It is a beautiful paradise that is so very worth visiting! However, it can be expensive! Here we will give tips on how to take a vacation to Hawaii for cheap. Not only that, we'll give you free tips on how to make the most of your stay, each day, and all for not much money.

About Hawaii

When someone is going to the islands, they simply say they are going to Hawaii. People who know, which I think is most, usually ask "Which island?" The answer, as often as not is Honolulu, or Waikiki, neither of which is an island. Honolulu is on the island of Oahu, and Waikiki is a section of beach in Honolulu. Each island is a county in and of itself, each making up the state of Hawaii. Some islands incorporate some of their smaller neighbors in them as counties.

Although Hawaii is made of many islands, some pretty small, there are 7 states smaller in overall size, and 10 states smaller in population. Also, let this blow your mind, Hawaii beats both California and New York in median household income, coming between #4 and #8 out of 50! Ya gotta make money to live there, because it is expensive!

Chime in! share your trip and tips in the comments! Just join at

Introducing The Islands Themselves

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