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Kidney Failure in Dogs - Hope Eternal and 5 Agonizing Truths

Kidney Failure in Dogs - 5 Agonizing Truths and Eternal Hope

How Fast does it come on? And holding out with hope

As I begin this article on kidney failure in dogs, my sick boy dog, Tucker, is barely alive. I'm sure that by the time I finish it, he will have crossed over the rainbow bridge. I am 100 percent sure I will shed tears while scribbling this article. As I begin this article, I am very much aware of the fact that the odds are long as far as completing this article. My aim is to inform, encourage, but not offer false hope for a happy ending, even if I, myself, harbor that hope.

Dogs are Family

If you have ever had a dog or a cat, or several of each, you know what I mean. They are family as much as, and sometimes even more so, than actual family. they never eat your food, unless you leave it unattended. They don't borrow your car. They seldom, if ever, hold grudges and never smack talk you behind your back. Dogs are loyal to a fault. Cats, not so much.

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7 Great Secrets to Above Ground Pools

Above Ground Pools 7 Cheat Sheet Secrets

Is an above ground pool right for you?

Summer heat, ugh! You darn well know summer this year, like all the other years past, will be hot. Sweltering. Miserable. So, take the heat off with a pool! Above ground pools absolutely are an option! That is, provided you do not have a pool already, and have somewhere to set up a pool!

The Acerbic Hole

You may or may not have heard this saying: "A pool is a hole in the ground you pour money into." This is similar to the old "A boat is a hole in the water you pour money in," and while sardonic, both sayings are accurate in the extreme. Does this hold true when discussing above ground pools? Well, yes, to an extent. However, there are other both positive and negative aspects to having an above ground pool. First, the positive, because, honestly, the negative are silly and, well, negative.

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12 Steps How to Boil Eggs - Amazing Simple!

12 Steps on How to Boil Eggs Amazing and Simply!

Video included! I'll show you how!

Eggs have gotten a bum wrap for many years, but not so much these days! Here we will show you how to boil eggs easily, and flawlessly!

Quick Guide

I myself hate when I go to a How To page and have to scroll way down for what I want. Do, here I'll sum it up quickly. You can read on for more info and a video on how to boil eggs below.

How to boil eggs - select the eggs image

*Put your eggs into a sauce pan. Use a pan appropriate for the number of eggs. Leave enough room where they are not touching.
*Fill cold water into the pan so the eggs are just covered.
*Splash a little vinegar into the water. This will help the shells peel easier.
*Put the pan on the stove on high.
*Let the water get to a roiling (or rolling) boil.

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