Sunday, September 20, 2020
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2020 presidential election - Bucky Enters Race

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Bucky Runs for Top Job in 2020 Presidential Election

2020 Presidential election - Sept 7th 2020 - Ghipaland, USA, SimCity BuildIt - Bucky 2020 launches campaign with high hopes, moderate policies, outsider - but kooky - with promise as an alternative write-in candidate in the coming election.

Bucky Decides to Run

2020 presidential election - Bucky Runs

I'm Bucky T. Builder. I am the successful Mayor of Ghipaland. Ghipaland is a SimCity Buildit city, and I'm running in for president the 2020 presidential election. Being that it's an exclusive place to run a city, you may have never heard of it. Or me. So, I'm asking for your help. I have a lot to say about my 2020 run, and since I don't have a press liaison or anything, I'm forced to bring my message directly to the fine people of the United States of America themselves. That's you. Also, since I don't have anyone feeding me questions, now and again I'll phrase things sort of in a 3rd party way. You know, sorta of like the headline above, "Bucky Decides..."

Why would Bucky run for president?

The 2020 presidential election is nearly as big a mess as the 2016 election was. Lately, no matter which party's candidate you're voting for you basically get the movie Idiocracy. But that isn't the anything new. It's been decades since we had a real President. FDR, good, Truman, joke. Ike, good, JFK, too short in office to tell, but likely would have gone down as great. LBJ, joke, Nixon, could have been great, but joke, Ford, joke. Carter, it just goes on and on likewise. So why not run? If the whole thing is going to be a mockery, let's go whole hog, I say!

What is Bucky's party affiliation?

I am what you might call an independent. However, I am launching my own party as I begin my run for the 2020 Presidential election. It is called the Eggnog Party.

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Shopping Walmart Computers 7 Tips

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7 Tips for buying computers at Walmart or Amazon

Shopping for Walmart computers and

Walmart computersThis is what I bought. More images down below.

Welcome! In this article we'll look at shopping Walmart computers, what you might expect to find there, and as well. I know something about this as I just went through the process of buying my granddaughter a new computer for school, and while I was at it, looking for a new one for writing my articles. The ol' laptop is in retirement. Oh, sure, I may write an article at Starbucks with it at some point, but man, it was tired! 

The Criteria 

The criteria for both computers were largely the same. I wanted both of them to be fairly inexpensive. I know the rush of going "whole hog" with all the bells and whistles. As often as not you find that you way overpaid for stuff you don't use. Gaming computer? No. Computer with the latest processor? 256 gigs of SDD? That's geek for 256 gigabytes of Solid-State Drive. As opposed to a slower and less reliable spinning disk drive). It would be nice, but for a LOT more! I have found that solid is solid, and solid lasts. 

Criteria for her computer

SimCity BuildIt - Vu Tower Tips

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SimCity BuildIt Vu Tower Tips - Is It Worth It?

Hey everyone, Bucky Builder here! It's been a while since I have gone to all the trouble of writing an article. Been busy, sorry! Today I want to talk to you about the Dr Vu Tower in SimCity BuildIt.
Is Vu Tower worth it? Here we'll look at that question, and I'll even update you on my city's growth, Ghipaland, and how Dr. Vu is relevant to my city growth.

My Infernal Internal Debate

If you read back on a prior article I wrote, I clearly stated that "Vu Tower can sit there vacant, and dark, forever." I won't go back over why here, that is detailed in the earlier article. However...

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Pizza for Breakfast

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Pizza for Breakfast: How to Make It - Quickly and Easily!

Pizza is one of the tastiest foods of all time, in my opinion, and while pizza for breakfast may seem a stretch, many people would retort: why not? As matters of fact, some makers of frozen pizza have taken on making breakfast pizzas as well, because, you know, pizza!
If you have ever taken a cold slice of love, erm, I mean pizza, out of the fridge first thing in the morning and savored the experience, you know, first hand, what nirvana is. Not the band, that would be weird.

Here I will walk you through making a pizza for breakfast, quick, easy, cheap, and just wait until you taste it!!

Pizza for Breakfast article image

Pizza Nutrition

Is pizza nutritious?

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