Tuesday, August 03, 2021
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Space Invaders Game Do you remember the classic Space Invaders game? This is it, but technically it is just called Invaders here, apparently. The software we're using named it, so there you are. This is a flash game, so if you're using a phone, sorry, this version of space invaders will not work for you. The premise is simple: The invading space dudes are rather dumb, and predictable. Their phalanx of goofy looking ships, scoot right, then left, and each time they reverse, they whole body of ships drop lower to Earth. When they successfully touch down, game over, the planet is lost. You have missiles, while they drop bombs. You have bunkers that you can hit out under, but both their bombs and your missiles can damage, or destroy, the bunkers. Be sure to break cover before shooting! Use your computer Left and Right arrow buttons to move. Use your spacebar to shoot.

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2019-03-23 14:54:12 admin-friendslr 1,270
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